Beaches Closed In Panama City Beach

Good evening everyone. I have been silent on here today until I heard from all the governing bodies on the status of things in PCB. The Panama City Beach City Council met again today to vote to close the beaches in PCB. It passed, then the Governor sent out an executive order (actually during the meeting) to close all dining room seating in restaurants, close gyms and fitness centers across the state. The Bay County Council met later this afternoon to vote to close all of Bay County Beaches, this is the one that includes Venture Out’s Beach. Venture Out is not technically in PCB, but we are in Bay County, as is Mexico Beach. So now all beaches in Bay Co are closed until further notice, however, both councils are going to meet again next week to re-visit the situation and see if they will remain closed or if they feel comfortable re-opening them. This is a fluid situation as you all know and we are just trying to keep up.

In the meantime, Venture Out’s board closed both of the pools and the clubhouse. The other amenities are open as of now. Feel free to play tennis with your own racket or fish off the pier, but remember the rules of social distancing and don’t congregate in groups of more than 10 people, and keep a safe distance.

Our office will be closed this weekend. We will reopen at 9:am central time Monday. Please feel free to email us at info @ ventureoutvacations com.

I went to the beach for a little while this afternoon to get in a little sun and sand time before it closed. It was a perfect beach day and much needed therapy!

Stay well, be safe, be kind, help others and we look forward to seeing everyone again really soon!

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