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Venture Out Lagoon Pool

Posted by in News | September 26, 2017

The Lagoon pool bath house renovation is still going. They had some logistical issues with the power that are now resolved. They’re working on the plumbing this afternoon and the “pool pit” (filter/heater, etc) is being put in this week. Once these things are complete the building should go up pretty fast. The goal is to have it complete before Thanksgiving.

The playground, basketball court, pavilion and picnic area are all still available for use. The resort added new benches on the pier and it is ready for fishing or just relaxing and watching the boats and birds.


Autumn Event Special Rates from Venture Out Vacations

Posted by in News | September 19, 2017

Panama City Beach Fall Events 2017

Every year Panama City Beach is host to a variety of Autumn events. They range from the family friendly Pirates of the High Seas Festival to the Bloody Mary and Music Festival. The weather is still warm during the day and mild in the evenings.  Autumn is also the best time for less crowded restaurants. It’s a great time to get your Christmas shopping done too. Most of the shops have big sales on their summer clothes making it a great time to stock up for next year!

This year Venture Out Vacations is offering 10% off the nightly rate in select properties booked for one of the following festivals. Just show us your “proof” of attendance and we will take 10% off the nightly rate (cleaning fees and resort registration is not discounted).

Fall Events

Lobster Festival (postponed to Sept. 25 – Oct. 1st)
Pirates of The High Seas (Oct. 6-8th)
Bloody Mary & Music Festival (Oct. 21st)
Thunder Beach Autumn Rally (Oct 25-29th),
Emerald Coast Crusin’ (November 8-11th)
Beach Home for the Holiday’s (Nov. 24 & 25th)

Come on down and join us! The water is fine and the beach is beautiful.

If you are looking for Fall Color, just check out our Fall Sunsets!



New T-shirts Available

Posted by in events | September 13, 2017

Venture Out Vacations now has T-shirts available to purchase online. You can go to the following link to order a t-shirt, tank top or lady’s T-shirt, we are also offering a longsleeve T, child sizes, beach towel and throw pillow.  https://teespring.com/stores/venture-out-vacations-designs

Sunset September 11, 2017 at St Andrews State Park

Posted by in News | September 12, 2017

After the storm finally left us, there was crazy beautiful clouds and big beautiful waves. You may want to turn your sound down, it was windy and it’s a little loud.

After Irma

Posted by in News | September 11, 2017

Venture Out and Panama City Beach survived Irma with little to no damage. There was a little rain and lots of wind. There are palm fronds and tree boots everywhere. Tons of leaves and a few limbs and trees in some parts of town. Venture Out is in good shape, we will do a more intense check tomorrow when the weather is more favorable.

The strangest part of the storm has been the water. The Lagoon water has been blown out to the gulf. It’s beautiful but strange to see.
The water on the beach is like low tide but even farther out than normal.

After watching the video, scroll past to see a few pictures from Venture Out and a couple from the beach at the county pier. It was raining pretty hard when we were out and that is a great place to see the beach without having to get out of the car.

Waiting for Irma, Venture Out Panama City, FL 9/10/17

Posted by in News | September 10, 2017

This video was taken today at Venture Out. We are ready for what Irma brings. Please excuse the shaky video, I think I will have to get a gimbal if I keep making video’s. Also excuse the bad ending! I will get this figured out eventually.

Venture Out Beach September 6, 2017

Posted by in News | September 06, 2017

With Hurricane Irma heading toward Florida a lot of people are calling concered about us here in PCB. I really think that we will be spared any real impact.This weekend is looking beautiful and today after a little morning thunder storm has been lovely!

Keeping Track of Hurricane Season

Posted by in events, News | September 01, 2017
It’s hurricane season and with Harvey hitting Texas hard and Irma out in the Atlantic I want to remind you that the weather channel is not the best resource to keep up with the weather. They are in the “business” for selling advertising. They sensationalize the weather to keep everyone watching. We are keeping an eye on Irma and it is too early for ANYONE to know what it is going to do or where it will go.
My recommendation is to follow Denis Phillips from Tampa. He has a facebook page and he is who I follow to keep up with hurricanes and tropical storms. He is the real deal and will not lie to you or try to scare you. https://www.facebook.com/denisphillipswfts/
His rules to follow for Hurricane season.
1. Storm track errors past 3 days can be HUGE. Don’t get caught up on forecasts that far out. You’ll go crazy.
2. Models flip flop back and forth all the time. Look for trends, don’t look at individual model runs
3. If you didn’t prepare in June (which you probably didn’t), do so now. Check your hurricane kit and guide to see what YOU and your family need.
4. Don’t freak out.
5. Don’t freak out. Ok? We live in Florida. It goes with the territory. The odds of a storm affecting us directly is usually low.
6. If things get bad, KNOW that we will be there with you 24-7. You’re going to hear a ton of information. It can get confusing. Stick with us. We won’t steer you wrong.
7. Stop freaking out….until I tell you to. We’re fine.
Venture Out Vacations in Panama City Beach, Florida.