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Keeping Track of Hurricane SeasonTEST

Posted in events, News on September 01, 2017
It’s hurricane season and with Harvey hitting Texas hard and Irma out in the Atlantic I want to remind you that the weather channel is not the best resource to keep up with the weather. They are in the “business” for selling advertising. They sensationalize the weather to keep everyone watching. We are keeping an eye on Irma and it is too early for ANYONE to know what it is going to do or where it will go.
My recommendation is to follow Denis Phillips from Tampa. He has a facebook page and he is who I follow to keep up with hurricanes and tropical storms. He is the real deal and will not lie to you or try to scare you. https://www.facebook.com/denisphillipswfts/
His rules to follow for Hurricane season.
1. Storm track errors past 3 days can be HUGE. Don’t get caught up on forecasts that far out. You’ll go crazy.
2. Models flip flop back and forth all the time. Look for trends, don’t look at individual model runs
3. If you didn’t prepare in June (which you probably didn’t), do so now. Check your hurricane kit and guide to see what YOU and your family need.
4. Don’t freak out.
5. Don’t freak out. Ok? We live in Florida. It goes with the territory. The odds of a storm affecting us directly is usually low.
6. If things get bad, KNOW that we will be there with you 24-7. You’re going to hear a ton of information. It can get confusing. Stick with us. We won’t steer you wrong.
7. Stop freaking out….until I tell you to. We’re fine.

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