Most questions can be answered by visiting the Policies Page, however here are a few quick questions and answers. Please feel free to call our office if you need further assistance.

Q) Are there any additional fees that I need to know about?

A) The resort charges a registration fee for every renter or owners guest that is not immediate family, the fee is $65.00 if you pre-register, if you pay on arrival the fee is 75.00, if you bring a 2nd car there is a $75.00 fee for the 2nd car, there is a limit of 2 cars per property. Motorcycles are $20 each after the initial registration fee of $65/75. Parking is at a premium here and the resort cannot accommodate the additional vehicles. Click here for all of Venture Out Rules

In addition, a non-refundable $20 service fee will be added to all reservations. The service fee includes and covers reservation processing. This is a one time fee added to the total. All reservations will be charged this fee.

Q) When are Off Peak Rates?

A) Venture Out Vacation’s Season’s 2021

Peak: March 20th to April 10th 2021

Off Peak: April 11th to May 20th   Peak: May 21- September 6th 2021

Fall Rates:  September 7th -October 31

Winter/Off Peak Rates: November 1st -March 11th 2022

Q) Is there a minimum stay required?

A) Yes, in the smaller units the minimum stay is 3 nights. The stick build houses the minimum stay is 7 nights. Exceptions can be made in the off peak season. Rentals in June and July are Saturday to Saturday on the houses, not RV lots and not on the trailer-addon’s.

Q) Can I bring my dog/cat?

A) No, pets are not allowed in any unit or RV Lot. 

Q) Do I need to bring my own linens? How do I know the Sizes?

A) You will need to bring your own linens. We will send you a confirmation email with the bed numbers and sizes. that information is also on the webpage with your property information. You will need to provide your own towels as well.

Q) What do I need to bring?

A) Our vacation rentals are stocked with many of the comforts of home, including kitchen essentials such as dishware and utensils, there are a few more items you will want to pack.

Upon arriving, you will find your rental has been stocked with an initial supply of toilet paper, paper towels and trash bags. These should get you through your first 24 hours, but you will want to pick up additional supplies to get you through the remainder of your stay. Napkins, condiments, cooking spices, and coffee filters are other things you may want to purchase while at the store.

Below you will find a list of items we recommend you bring with you or plan to buy upon arriving for your vacation.

Sheets, towels, beach towels, hand towels, dish towels, wash cloths, Paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap, dishwashing detergent, hand soap, body wash  & shampoo, condiments, spices. 

Q) Can I make payments so that my unit is paid off before arrival?

A) Once you have paid your initial $250.00 deposit you may mail us checks as long as the final check is here 30 days prior to your arrival date. We now have online payments set up or you may call in payments. There is a $5.00 fee per partial payment online or over the phone. We do not accept checks on arrival.

Q) What if I need to cancel? 

A) All cancellation request must be submitted in writing, email is preferred. The guest is required to and must notify Venture Out Vacations of the guest’s request to cancel a reservation within the time periods defined below, time being of the essence (herein a “Cancellation Request”).

30 Days or More Before Check-In. In the event we receive a Cancellation Request at least  thirty (30) days or more before the scheduled Check-In Date, we will keep the following fees and charges: $100.00 Service fee. We will issue a refund to the guest in the amount of:
the balance of funds held by Venture Out Vacations for the reservation. Cancellation request 16-29 days from the reservation will forfeit the full deposit payment of $250.00.

15 Days Before Check-In. In the event we receive a Cancellation Request at least fifteen (15) days before the scheduled Check-In Date, we will keep the following fees and charges: the service fee, plus fifty-percent (50%) of total rent for the reservation or the full deposit whichever is greater, together with all applicable taxes. The foregoing fees/taxes are referred to herein as the “Early Term Fee” and will be retained by Venture Out Vacations. We will issue a refund in the amount of: the balance of funds held by Venture Out Vacations for the reservation, less
the total of the Early Term Fees. If you have not paid the 50% by this time it will be charged to your card on file.

“Cleaning Fee Only” Refund (Less Than 7 Days Before Check-In). With exception of any prepaid cleaning fee(s) collected by us for the reservation, no refunds will be given in any event your Cancellation Request is received less than seven (7) days before Check-In Date,
including “Last Minute” reservations. All reservations must be paid in full a minimum of 1 week (7 days) before arrival date.

b. All refunds will be issued via a check and mailed to the address we have on file for the guest.

c. There will be no refunds given for any reason on or after Check-In Date.

Q) What if we arrive early?

A) The resort will not allow anyone into the resort until after 10AM on your arrival date. If you do get in early, please go to the resort office to get your pass(es) and you may park across the street at the pool and use the bathhouse located in the downstairs of the clubhouse to change for the beach or pool. As soon as your unit is ready, we will call or text you with check in instructions. Please do not go the unit until we tell you that it is ready. Our housekeepers must have access to the unit and the golf cart so you can not park there ot leave any personal belongings or take the cart until we contact you.

Q) What if we arrive after hours or late?

A) If you arrive after the resort office has closed the guards will have your pass(es) if you pre-registered. If you did not pre-register, they will issue a temporary pass for the night, you will need to go to the office the next morning to register. They request that you go between 9 and 11am.

Once you have your pass(es) you can go to the unit. If it is keyless you should have your code, otherwise it will be unlocked and the key on the table or counter.

Late arrivals for RV lots may be required to park up front for the night. There is limited parking and is on a first come first served basis. RV’s are not allowed to go to the lot after 9:30 pm as quiet hours start at 10 and they do not want anyone setting up after quiet hours.

Q) Is there an age restriction?

A) Yes. We do not rent to vacationing students or singles under 25 years of age.

Q) Do you provide daily housekeeping services?

A) Venture Out Vacations provides a departure clean on all stays. We also provide an initial supply paper towels and toilet paper, as well as trash liners. Laundry facilities are provided either in the rental property or at the bathhouses. A mid-week clean can be provided for an additional fee.

Q) Where do I dispose of trash? What if I have too much for the can?

A) There is a trash dumpster located at the back of the resort behind the maintience building. Please take all trash in bags to the dumpster. The in ground can in front of your unit are there for you to use until you are ready to take to the back. Please do not leave any trash in the unit or on the street/porch/yard. All trash must be bagged!

Q) When is payment due? 

A) Your final payment is due one week from your arrival date.

Q) The unit that I booked requires a walk through, what does that mean?

A) If your chosen unit is on our walk through program a Venture Out staff member will meet you at the unit on arrival to walk through with you to note anything that needs attention or any existing damage (nick in wall or furniture, etc). On select properties will meet you again on your departure day to do an exit walk through. Please call us when you are about 30 minutes from arrival so we can schedule for the meeting. If you are planning on getting in after 8Pm please call so that we can do the walk through before you get here and leave the paper work for you to sign. If you plan on departing before 8 am we will schedule the exit walk through the evening before your departure and we will go in on the following morning to walk through and sign off on the paperwork. 

Q) Is there handicap access for the pools?

A) Yes, there is a lift for both pools.

Q) What if I leave something behind?

A) Please make sure to check behind yourself for any personal items. Venture Out Vacations is not responsible for and has no obligation to store/keep personal property found in a rental property by our staff, and VOV may dispose of
such property without notice, consent, delay, or liability. If personal property is left behind and
you promptly request return of these items before they are disposed of, the property will be
returned at your expense.

Q) Is there wi-fi access?

A) All of our units have internet access (RV lots do not) through their individual service providers. However, we do not and cannot guarantee internet connectivity or access due to service being provided by an outside third-party vendor, restrictions placed on such Internet services by/from personal computers, differing connectively specifications, and additional factors that may lead to interruption, failure, or unavailability of internet service. If you decide to access any Internet content during your stay, you do so entirely at your own risk and you assume and are responsible for ensuring that any/all accessed material or content does not infringe the laws governing, but not exhaustively covering, copyright, trademarks, pornography, or any other material which is slanderous, defamatory or might cause offense in any other way. You further agree to be responsible for liability for breach of intellectual property laws or other claims made
by or on behalf of any owner of online content. There is wi-fi access at the Venture Out office as well as the bottom floor of the club house by the front pool. There is no password for the one at the office, the clubhouse password is 12341234.

Q)  Can I bring my own golf cart?

A) No, Venture Out Resort will not allow golf carts to be brought in.

Q) Is there a lifeguard at the pool or beach?

A) There is NOT a lifeguard, children must have an adult with them at all times.

Q) Can my child drive the golf cart? (when one  is provided)

A) No, only licensed drivers my drive the carts. Click here for a complete list of the resorts golf cart rules.

Q) I see that you have shuffleboard, Tennis and Mini Golf, is there a fee to play?

A) It is FREE to play, Venture Out provides the equipment for shuffle board and mini golf. There is a small rental fee for tennis rackets and balls. Venture Out also has volley balls and basketballs available for use at no charge. You can pick up the equipment at the guard-house at the gate. Quiet hours are from 10PM until 8AM.

Q) We are renting a lot for our RV, can we pitch a tent also?

A) No, tents are not allowed.

Q) Do I need a fishing License to fish from the beach/pier?

A) Yes,  Florida requires a fishing license, click here for Florida regulations on fishing.

Q)  How many cars can I have?

A) You can have up to 2 cars, however there is an additional fee for the 2nd car. Venture Out Resort charges  $75.00 for the 2nd car. If you have a need for more than 2 cars PCB offers public parking lots. See information here: https://www.pcbfl.gov/about-us/visitors/public-parking

Q) Can I bring my boat/wave runner?

A) Yes, There is a registration fee charged by the resort to bring in a boat or wave runner/jet ski. Call their office to check rates and availability.  850-234-2247 extension 0. Fees are dependent on time of year, they will be $100 May 1st to Labor Day or $50 a day the rest of the year. 
For more detailed information click here: https://www.ventureoutvacations.com/resort-registration-and-parking/

The resort Registration Fees are determined by a Board of Directors and are subject to change at their discretion.

Q) Where is Your office location?

A) Our business office is located at 4408 Delwood Lane Suite 32, Panama City FL 32408