July 4th Surprise

This year for the 4th of July the weather was perfect and the resort was full of energy as all of the renters and owners were enjoying all of the fireworks, golf cart parade and BBQ.

It was especially good for the Griffith family. This sweet family has been coming to Venture Out for vacation for many years and their kids have grown up coming here and participating in the parade. They were staying in 60 Gulf Loop which was on the parade route. Part of the family stayed at the unit to enjoy the parade and Mom drove the cart in the parade. Little did they know, Mom had a big surprise for them! She had arranged for her Marine son to come to PCB to be with them before he is deployed overseas. He hopped on the golf cart at the beginning of the parade and as they drove up to the house, he jumped off to the delight and surprise of the family.

Since all of the kids are growing up or have grown up, this will probably be the last time that they all vacation together and their last July 4th VO Golf Cart Parade! What a special way to celebrate Independence Day!

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