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After IrmaTEST

Posted in News on September 11, 2017

Venture Out and Panama City Beach survived Irma with little to no damage. There was a little rain and lots of wind. There are palm fronds and tree boots everywhere. Tons of leaves and a few limbs and trees in some parts of town. Venture Out is in good shape, we will do a more intense check tomorrow when the weather is more favorable.

The strangest part of the storm has been the water. The Lagoon water has been blown out to the gulf. It’s beautiful but strange to see.
The water on the beach is like low tide but even farther out than normal.

After watching the video, scroll past to see a few pictures from Venture Out and a couple from the beach at the county pier. It was raining pretty hard when we were out and that is a great place to see the beach without having to get out of the car.

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