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Posted in events, News on July 02, 2014

We have a winner in our trivia contest. Sarah Riddick was the first to complete all task and answer all of the questions correctly. She commented on a post, shared a post and sent all of the answers in a message on our facebook page.


Here are the Answers to all of the questions:

1) What year did Venture Out have it’s Grand Opening? 1970

2) Name one other city that has a Venture Out Resort. Mesa, Az or Cudjoe Key, FL

3) How Many Lots are in Venture Out? 735 or 739 is also acceptable answer (735 occupiable lots 739 total that includes the common areas and bath houses)

4) How many Bathhouses are there here?  4

5) What Street is RV Lot 706 located on? Seagull Dr

6) 2 part question: a) How many feet of Beachfront do we have? b) How many feet of Lagoon front do we have? a) 300, b) 1000

7) What year did Venture Out Add on to the resort? (the part from Grouper over) 1977

8) Why are the buildings octagon shaped? Better wind resistance (hurricane protection)

9) What are the names of the 2 condo’s that are on either side of our beach?  Moonspinner and Seaside VIlla’s

10) What does it mean when there is a purple flag flying at the beach? Dangerous Marine Life

Congratulations to Sarah! When we get to 2000 Friends/fans on Facebook we will have another contest. Keep on the lookout you never know if we may have another “Easter egg hunt”  on the website. Enter your email address on the right and hit subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on any news or contest information.

Thanks for playing!

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