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Easter Egg Hunt for a $50.00 Schooners Gift CardTEST

Posted in events, News on April 02, 2015
Would you like to win a $50.00 Schooners gift card? Venture Out Vacations is having a contest on our Facebook page and our website. To enter you need to:
1) like our facebook page:
2) Share a facebook post.
3) go to our website and “hunt” Easter Eggs.
4) Message us either on our blog or on facebook, how many eggs you find and where you find them on the website: http://www.ventureoutvacations.com/
There are several Easter Eggs hidden and they are all over the place, so happy hunting!
First one to complete the task and with the correct answer Wins!

2 comments on “Easter Egg Hunt for a $50.00 Schooners Gift Card

  1. Cute Easter Egg hunt! It really helps in becoming more familiar with your website.
    On the “Home” page there were 3 eggs grouped together at the top of the page that faded into other pictures, the same 3 eggs were on the link under the picture at the top of the page, and the same 3 eggs could also be located at the bottom of the page in an advertisement of the Gulf Coast Jam. An egg labeled “Egg #2, is located on the “Property Map” link. On the “Local” link another egg could be found on the “Bucket List”. At the “Policies” link, under “Winter Guest”, Egg #6 was located. On the FAQ link was another egg. Under “Contact Us” were 2 additional eggs. One was labeled Egg #11, the other was not labeled. On the Venture Out Rules link, was another egg. The last eggs that I found were located on the current Newsletter. It was fun! Can’t wait to see Venture Out in person at our family vacation in July!

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