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Tips for when you are renting in Venture OutTEST

Posted in events, News on June 25, 2015

Summer is here and the beach is getting busier and busier. With all of the people arriving in the next few weeks I thought this would be a good time to mention a few helpful things to make your experience here in the resort better.

1) When you are on your way to the resort you may want to make a pit stop for the little ones before you get here. There are not any public restrooms in the resort office. With so many people getting here at the same time there is sometimes a line and it could take you a few minutes to get registered. There are bath houses in the resort but to be safe you may want to make a stop before you get here.

2) Once you get here make sure you have a debit or credit card for security purposes and bring in your tag number. The resort requires both of these things to get your registered. Hopefully this will help you get registered faster.

3) Once you register with the Venture Out office to get your car passes you will need to come to our office in the same building to sign a registration card with us and get your keys or to see if your unit is ready. Even if you have paid for your stay in full we need to see you before you go on back to your unit.

4) Please do not load up the refrigerator and/or turn the thermostat down. This will cause the fridge to freeze up and not work properly. Go ahead and put the essentials in but maybe only a couple of drinks until it has time to get used to going from empty to full.  There are at least 5 calls every summer with refrigerator problems and it is almost always because someone has turned down the thermostat. The settings should not be changed, it will cause the motor to work too hard to get to the new temp and this will cause it to stop working all together.

5) Do not turn the AC to below 70. again we get several calls every summer with A/C’s freezing up. We try to have the unit comfortable for you when you arrive. If it is too warm for you, turn it down 2 or 3 degrees at a time, going from 78 to 68 will cause it to work too hard and freeze up and then it will not work at all for a couple of hours while it thaws back out.

6) Recycle your cans. The resort now has special bins in the back of the resort next to the maintenance building. The new bins have a pink rim and are for aluminum. So make sure to recycle your soda and beer cans!

Hopefully these few little tips will help. We here at Venture Out Vacations look forward to seeing you all very soon!


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