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Venture Out Vacations Frequently Asked QuestionsTEST

Posted in events, News on January 10, 2014

Most questions can be answered by visiting the Policies Page, however here are a few quick questions and answers. Please feel free to call our office if you need further assistance.

Q) Are there any additional fees that I need to know about?

A) The resort charges a $35.00 registration fee, if you bring additional cars there is a $20.00 fee for the 2nd car and $100.00 for the 3rd, there is a limit of 3 cars per property. Parking is at a premium here and the resort cannot accommodate the additional vehicles. Click here  for all of Venture Out Rules

Q) When are Off Peak Rates?

A) Off Peak season is August 15th until the Friday before Memorial day.

Q) Can I bring my dog/cat?

A) No, pets are not allowed, however Service Animals are with a non refundable deposit of $150.00.

Q) Do I need to bring my own linens? How do I know the Sizes?

A) You will need to bring your own linens. We will send you a confirmation email with the bed numbers and sizes. that information is also on the webpage with your property information. You will need to provide your own towels as well.

Q) Is there handicap access for the pools?

A) Yes, there is a lift for both pools.

Q) What if I leave something behind?

A) Please make sure to check behind yourself for any personal items. We will be happy to retrieve your item and ship it to you for the cost of shipping plus $20.00 handling fee.

Q) Is there wi-fi access?

A) Several units do have wifi, check  the info page for your particular home. There is wi-fi access at the Venture Out office as well as the bottom floor of the club house by the front pool. There is a password for the one at the office (1234), the clubhouse password is 12341234.

Q) Is there a place I can check my email or surf the web?

A) There are 2 computers in the main office available on a first come first served basis. Only available during office hours.

Q)  Can I bring my own golf cart?

A) No, Venture Out Resort will not allow golf carts to be brought in.

Q) Is there a lifeguard at the pool or beach?

A) There is NOT a lifeguard, children must have an adult with them at all times.

Q) Can my child drive the golf cart? (when one  is provided)

A) No, only licensed drivers my drive the carts. click  here  for a complete list of the resorts golf cart rules.

Q) I see that you have shuffle board, Tennis and Mini Golf, is there a fee to play?

A) It is FREE to play, Venture Out provides the equipment for shuffle board and mini golf. There is a small rental fee for tennis rackets and balls. Venture Out also has volley balls and basketballs available for use at no charge. You can pick up the equipment at the main office during office hours or after hours at the guard-house at the gate.

Q) We are renting a lot for our RV, can we pitch a tent also?

A) No, tents are not allowed.

Q) Do I need a fishing License to fish from the beach/pier?

A) Yes Florida requires a fishing license, click here for Florida regulations on fishing.

Q)  How many cars can I have?

A) You can have up to 3 cars, however there are additional fees for each car. Venture Out Resort charges  $20.00 for the 2nd car and $100.00 for the third.

Q) Can I bring my boat/wave runner?

A) Yes, There is a registration fee charged by the resort of  $20.00 a day. Click here  for a complete list of the Resorts rules.

Q) Where do I dispose of trash? What if I have too much for the can?

A) There is an in ground can at each lot, trash picks up on Monday, Wednesday & Friday during the summer and Monday and Friday the rest of the year.. There is a rock on the can, rock on means empty, rock off means that the trash needs to be picked up. For additional trash there is a dumpster at the maintenance building or extra cans at the boat dock.

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