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Venture Out Vacations Weekend Update 6/15/2013TEST

Posted in events, News on June 15, 2013

Summer is really here now! The heat and humidity are keeping everyone in the water and on the beach. Venture Out is buzzing with activity, looks like it’s going to be a great Summer here at the worlds most beautiful beaches. We love all the activity here. It’s such a change from our laid back lifestyle the rest of the year, don’t get me wrong we love that too, but Summer is a nice change.

June is just about full and July is filling up fast. If you need a Summer Vacation do not delay in giving us a call. July 4th week is booked solid. There are a few 2 and three night spaces we would love to fill and we will waive the 3 night minimum in some cases as well as offer a special rate. Call for availability.

Summer is a time that everyone gets out to beach and pool and works on their tan. Please make sure that you protect yourself and your children from sunburn.  Even if it is overcast or cloudy you can get a sunburn. You can even get sun under an umbrella or tent, so make sure to apply sunblock on your children even if they are staying under the tent or umbrella. Don’t forget to reapply several times especially if you are in and out of the water. Skin cancer is a deadly disease that does not discriminate, you don’t have to be fair skin and blond to get it.

Rip currents are common during the Summer on the Gulf Coast. Make sure to look at the flag before entering the gulf. If there is a double red flag, please stay out of the gulf. They indicate that the swimming conditions are unsafe and that there are dangerous rip currents. There have been at least 2 drownings and a few hospitalizations already this Summer.  The flags are there to protect us. We all want you to have a great time here and for you and your family to remain safe! If the double flags are flying, no problem, we have 2 beautiful pools to swim in and the beach is still great for sandcastles,  people watching and sunbathing.

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