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Venture Out Vacations Weekend Update 6/29/2013TEST

Posted in events, News on June 29, 2013

Venture Out has a lot planned for the 4th this year. See picture for the break down:



There are quiet a few new people renting this summer. That’s great! We love for new people to discover what we already know, Venture Out is the best place to stay in PCB!  Because there are so many new people I want to talk about a few of the Venture Out Resort golf cart rules. Particularly the rule about underage drivers.  The rule is that all drivers must be licensed, if you look younger than say 20 you may want to keep your license on you when your are driving the cart. Security is very strict on underage drivers. It’s not to be “mean” it’s to keep everyone and their property safe. If an underage unlicensed driver hits someones car, nobody’s insurance will pay for it.  Also teenagers are known to not always use the best judgment (it’s a scientific fact). Even the most responsible “mature” teen can make a mistake. Letting small children “drive” in your lap is also not allowed and again it is not to be mean it is for safety.  The rules are made and enforced by Venture Out Resort and by their security. If you have an issue or need more information you can call Venture Out at 850-234-2247.  Click HERE for a complete  list of the golf cart rules.

I hope this information will help in the understanding of the rules and will taken in the spirit from which it is given. We love all of our guest and want everyone to have a safe and fun vacation here in Venture Out!

Have  a great 4th of July and don’t forget to like our Facebook page by clicking here. I will try to keep you posted on upcoming events and specials in and around Panama City Beach,  as well as our rental specials.  IF you are already a fan don’t forget to “TAG” us in your pictures taken in Venture Out.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!!

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