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Venture Out Vacations Weekend Update (a day late) 7/22/2013TEST

Posted in events, News on July 22, 2013

Venture Out is still very busy with lots of vacationers.  Just the way we like it!

This weekend we had some high surf and rip current warnings in the Gulf. I’m sure you may have heard on the news about the drowning of the basketball star from Auburn.  What you may not have heard is that he is one of at least three drownings.  People seem to think ” it won’t happen to me” as I am sure that the people that drowned where thinking the same thing. I cannot say it enough, if there are double red flags PLEASE DO NOT GO INTO THE GULF! The warnings are not a guide, it is law. They fly the flags for your own safety. Strong currents can pull even the most advanced swimmer out and under.

I know that you are here to play in the Gulf and on the beach. You can still enjoy the sand and making sand castles, people watching, sun bathing, etc. Take a long walk down to the State Park and go out on the pier or an even longer walk and go see the Jetties.  You can walk down to Schooners and have a meal or a drink or 2. All of these things can still be done during the double red flags, just stay out of the water. Venture Out has 2 pools that are great for swimming.

Below shows the flag colors and their meaning. Please stay safe and enjoy your vacation!

I promise that next week I will go back to telling you all about upcoming events and happier news! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog by entering your email on the right and hit the subscribe button. Like us on Facebook and subscribe there too so you will see all of the post. Beach-Warning-flag-sign


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