Venture Out Beach November 15, 2017

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Venture Out Beach November 15, 2017

Posted by in events,News | November 15, 2017

The weather is so perfect right now! Blue Sky, sunshine, warm temps in the day and cool at night. If you only visit Panama City Beach in the Summer you are really missing out! I know I have said this before, but it is so true! The water is so clear, the beach is empty, the seafood is great and the restaurants are not crowded.

Give Venuture Out a try in the Fall and come see what you have been missing!

If you are still undecided about Thanksgiving, we have availability and there are lots of restaurants open with special menues. See our Facebook page or previous blog post with a list.

Restaurant Openings for Thanksgiving in Panama City Beach

Posted by in events,News | November 2, 2016

Why  not spend your Thanksgiving in Panama City Beach and Venture Out? There are several restaurants open with special menus. Stay here in Venture Out with us at Venture Out Vacations and let them do all of the cooking and cleaning. OR if you love to cook your own Thanksgiving (like I do), our rentals all have great kitchens! Call us 850-230-0676 today to see what we have available.

Below is a list of restaurants that are open and have special menus, most require a reservation and some “suggest” reservations. Phone numbers are also provided for you. Click on the name and it will take you to their website. Some of the restaurants do not have their Thanksgiving menus posted on the website yet. I called each of them to ask if they are going to be open. The below list are the ones that confirmed that they will be open and that they will have a Thanksgiving menu.

Boar’s Head: 850-234-6628

Dirty Dick’s: 850-230-3425

Grand Marlin:   850-249-1500

Hammerhead Fred’s: 850-233-3907

Harpoon Harry’s: 850-234-6060

Margaritaville: 850-235-7870

Montego Bay Seafood House: 850-233-6033

Patches Pub: 233-8879

Runaway Island: 850-634-4884

Sharky’s Beach Club: 850-235-2420

Saltwater Grill: 850-230-2739

Schooner’s is not open for Thanksgiving but they are having a “locals” Party on the beach Friday and Saturday night. Live music, bonfire, bar, s’mores and more all on the beach behind the restaurant.





Venture Out Vacations Newsletter January 2016

Posted by in events,News | January 12, 2016

Winter Availability

Posted by in events,News | October 8, 2015


Casino Trips for Winter Guest

Posted by in events,News | January 7, 2015

The great people over at Coastal Coaches have put together some Casino Trips for Winter Guest. Check them out and see if one will work for you. The coaches are nice and clean and comfy. The owners live here in Venture Out and are fun, good folks!

Many of our Winter guest have taken a trip with them over the years. You can’t beat the deals that they have put together! coastalcoachesBDcoastalcoachesBOcoastalcoaches1

“Where is a good place to eat?”

Posted by in events,News | November 19, 2014

“Where is a good place to eat here?” This is a question the ladies in the main Venture Out office get all the time. So I asked them and compiled a list of their favorites as well as mine and Marks.  Do you have a favorite? List in the comments.


1) Hunt’s
2) Salt Water Grill
3) Bayou on the Beach
4) Bayou Joe’s
5) Schooners
Honorable Mention:
Big Momma’s on the Bayou
(breakfast/lunch only)


1) Dee’s Hangout
2) Saltwater Grill
3) Buster’s Kahuna Café
4) Patches
5) Bayou on the Beach
Honorable mention:
Funland for the burgers.


1) Dat Cajun Place
2) Bonefish Grill (beach location)
3) Patches Pub
4) Wicked Wheel
5) Spinnaker
HM: Schooners


1) Bayou on the Beach
2) FINN’s
3) Uncle Ernie’s
4) Wicked Wheel
5) Fatty Patty’s breakfast/lunch only
HM: Andy’s Flour Power breakfast/lunch only

1) Uncle Ernie’s
2) Bayou on the Beach
3) Dat Cajun Place
4) FINN’s
5) Patches
HM: Schooners

Each listed restaurant is linked to their website. Click on the name of the restaurant and it will take  you to their website or facebook page.

Winter Availability in Venture Out

Posted by in events,News | October 14, 2014

If you are looking for a great place to spend the Winter than you have found it! Venture Out Resort is the perfect place for Winter Guest to enjoy a community filled with friendly, welcoming staff and guest.

There are planned activities starting in January, including, dances, exercise classes, craft sessions, lunches, card games and more. Many of the returning guest have their own get togethers, shuffleboard tournaments, golfing excursions, horse shoe games, dinners etc. They are also very welcoming to new arrivals. We will have our 2nd annual Party in February for all of our guest at Venture Out Vacations. Last years party was a great success and we are looking forward to this year. There will be door prizes, lots of great food, live music and of course plenty of libations.

Below is a list of available properties for this Winter.

Units available for January only:  184, 213, 411,  412, 578, 655,  711 & 723

Units available for Jan, Feb and March:  430 621  630  & 581

Units available for March only:  377, 411, 655

To see pictures and information on each property, click on the number and it will take you to that homes webpage.

All of our homes except 581 include a washer and dryer. They all  include water, basic cable and trash pickup. 153 & 436 include WIFI. Each property has an allowance for electricity of $75.00 per month. There is a cleaning fee of $80.00 added to the final months rent. When you call to make your reservation there is a $250.00 deposit required to hold the property for you. That $250.00 will be taken off of the first months rent. The balance will be due on arrival, rent is due at the first of each month.

The resort has WIFI in the main office and in the club house that is free to use. There are also 2 computers in the office that you can use free of charge. Some of our guest go to Comcast and get temporary internet service while they are here. I believe it is around $30.00 per month.

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please give us a call at 850-230-0676 and Mark or Rika will be happy to help.



Available Properties for Winter 2014/2015

Posted by in events,News | September 8, 2014

Winter will be here before we know it! There are still several nice places available for 3 month rentals. For 1 or 2 month rentals contact us in Late October or first of November.

1 Bedroom                         2 Bedroom                               3 Bedroom                        RV Lots
213                                            153                                              152                                   96
377                                           315                                               215                                 401
420                                          321                                               264                                 661
471                                           411                                               274                                 706
581                                          436                                              412
711                                           510

more 2 Bedroom




To view pictures and information, go to the For Rent link scroll past the calendar and click on the numbers listed above.

Venture Out Vacations in Panama City Beach, Florida.