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Fun at Venture Out

Posted by in events,News | June 1, 2017

Memorial Day weekend was another great success here in Venture Out. The resort had a food truck here at the front pool on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The BBQ truck was a huge hit on Saturday and Sunday and Wrap it Up had a great selection and did well on Monday. Don’t be surprised if they are not here a few other weekends this Summer. They may even show up on Movie Monday.

Michelle and Roni were set up outside of the office with our pop up tent giving out water and Buff’s (like the ones that they wear on Survivor). They were also taking pictures with our Instagram fame. It was a lot of fun! If you got one of the buffs make sure to go to our facebook page and post a picture wearing it, the picture with the most “likes” will win $40.00 is Patches Bucks. There was a contest this weekend also, we had 2 winners for patches bucks.

Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to keep up with all the happenings this summer. You never know when there will be a contest or specials, I will also let you know about upcoming events in Venture Out and Panama City Beach.


Hope to see you all soon.

Spring Newsletter 2017

Posted by in events,News | May 18, 2017






Resort Registration Office

Venture Out Resort has made a few changes to the lobby. The new Manager, Anna Stephens,
has really done a great job getting the lobby decorated and looking good. Another change is
they have added a public restroom. The entrance is on the outside of the building on the left
side behind the vending machines. This restroom can be accessed up until 10:pm. Now if you
are playing shuffleboard you will have a place to go.

In the main lobby there are a lot of coupons, booklets, maps and brochures for local attractions.
There is a favorite restaurant list too. Another thing to look for in the lobby is the lending library.
There is a wall of books, puzzles and games. All free for you to use while here in the resort.
You can “take one, leave one” or just borrow one.

Jeannie, Priss, Rob and Allison are the front desk people and are there to help you get
registered and answer any questions about the resort. To help speed up registration,
make sure you have your tag number with you when you go up to the registration desk.

The registration fees have gone up this year. They are now $45, that includes 1 vehicle, if
you have a 2nd car it’s an additional $50 and 3 cars are no longer allowed. Motorcycles are
$20 each after the initial $45. The fees are what helps pay for the resort staff, maintenance
etc. The resort does not receive any revenue from the rental of the units.

Venture Out is buzzing with activity, looks like it’s going to be a great Summer here at the world’s most beautiful beaches. We love all the activity here. It’s such a change from our laid back lifestyle the rest of
the year, don’t get me wrong we love that too, but Summer is a nice change.

June and July are filling up fast. If you need a Summer Vacation do not delay in giving us a call. July 4th week is booked solid. There are a few 2 and 3 night spaces we would love to fill and we will waive the 3 night minimum in some cases. Call for availability.

Summer is a time that everyone gets out to the beach & pool to work on their tan. Please make sure that you protect yourself & your children from sunburn. Even if it is overcast or cloudy you can get a sunburn.
You can even get sun under an umbrella or tent, so make sure to apply sunblock on your children even if they are staying under the tent or umbrella. Don’t forget to reapply several times especially if  you are in and out of the water. Skin cancer is a deadly disease that does not discriminate, you don’t have to be fair skin & blond to get it.

Rip currents are common during the Summer on the Gulf Coast. Make sure to look at the flag before entering the gulf. If there is a double red flag, please stay out of the gulf. They indicate that the swimming conditions are unsafe and that there are dangerous rip currents. The flags are there to protect us. We all want you to have a great time here and for you and your family to remain safe! If the
double flags are flying, no problem, we have 2 beautiful pools to swim in and the beach is still great for sand castles, people watching and sunbathing.Don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to the blog.

Off The Beaten Path

Paradise Adventures Catamaran is Panama City Beach’s premier boating adventure, and departs from Pirates Cove Marina next door to Venture Out! Our State of the Art Catamaran,  called the “Privateer”, is a 52 foot, U.S. Coast Guard Certified Catamaran that carries up to 78 passengers for your comfort. We offer the safest,  and most fun and exciting water excursions along the Gulf Coast. Paradise Adventures Catamaran is known as the most professional and best Catamaran experience in Panama City Beach!
The “Privateer” Catamaran offers a large and spacious deck with plenty of seating, sunning  nets, wind and rain coverage, shaded cockpit, attached slide off of the back of the boat, fully  stocked bar, and two clean on board restrooms.

Personal note from Rika, I took the sunset sail with my husband and it was fantastic! So relaxing and fun. I highly recommend this trip, the staff was very friendly and helpful, the drinks were good and scenery can not be beat!

June and July Availability

Posted by in events,News | June 9, 2016

Summer is here and so is the heat! Come down and join us on the beach. Venture Out Vacations is pretty booked up from now until July 23rd, that being said we do have a few “holes” in the schedule, below is a list of what we have left up to the 23rd of July. To see more info and pictures go to “For Rent”, scroll past the calendar and click on the numbers listed. To book or with questions please call me or Mark at 850-230-0676. Venture Out is a resort across the street from our own dedicated beach with private access, 2 pools, mini golf, shuffleboard, playground, picnic area, fishing pier on the lagoon/bay and more.
Availability from now until July 23rd

74 1 bedroom June 16 & 17 (2nights)
163 3 bedroom June 16 & 17
187 3 bedroom June 16 & 17
232 2 bedroom June 16 & 17

388 3 bedroom, 15 & 16 and 21 & 22 ( 2 nights each)

282 2 bedroom June 15, 16 & 17 (3 nights)
183 2 bedroom June 15, 16, 17

337 2 bedroom June 19 & 20
411 2 bedroom June 19-23 (4 nights)

542 2 bedroom June 20-23 ( 3 nights)
572 2 bedroom June 22 & 23
618 2 bedroom June 22-25 ( 3 nights)
8 3bedroom June 30 & July 1 (2 nights)

210 2 bedroom June 27, 28 & 29
377 1 bedroom June 29 & 30
644 1 bedroom w/bunk room June 26 & 27

352 2 bedroom July 5 & 6
388 3 bedroom July 8 & 9
578 2 bedroom July 7 & 8
705 2 bedroom July 7 & 8
56 2 bedroom July 17-21 (4 nights)
210 2 bedroom July 17-21
359 3 bedroom July18-21 (3 nights)
400 2 bedroom July 17-20 (3 nights)
412 3 bedroom July 16 & 17
610 3 bedroom July 17-21
711 1 bedroom July 19 & 20

Tips for when you are renting in Venture Out

Posted by in events,News | June 25, 2015

Summer is here and the beach is getting busier and busier. With all of the people arriving in the next few weeks I thought this would be a good time to mention a few helpful things to make your experience here in the resort better.

1) When you are on your way to the resort you may want to make a pit stop for the little ones before you get here. There are not any public restrooms in the resort office. With so many people getting here at the same time there is sometimes a line and it could take you a few minutes to get registered. There are bath houses in the resort but to be safe you may want to make a stop before you get here.

2) Once you get here make sure you have a debit or credit card for security purposes and bring in your tag number. The resort requires both of these things to get your registered. Hopefully this will help you get registered faster.

3) Once you register with the Venture Out office to get your car passes you will need to come to our office in the same building to sign a registration card with us and get your keys or to see if your unit is ready. Even if you have paid for your stay in full we need to see you before you go on back to your unit.

4) Please do not load up the refrigerator and/or turn the thermostat down. This will cause the fridge to freeze up and not work properly. Go ahead and put the essentials in but maybe only a couple of drinks until it has time to get used to going from empty to full.  There are at least 5 calls every summer with refrigerator problems and it is almost always because someone has turned down the thermostat. The settings should not be changed, it will cause the motor to work too hard to get to the new temp and this will cause it to stop working all together.

5) Do not turn the AC to below 70. again we get several calls every summer with A/C’s freezing up. We try to have the unit comfortable for you when you arrive. If it is too warm for you, turn it down 2 or 3 degrees at a time, going from 78 to 68 will cause it to work too hard and freeze up and then it will not work at all for a couple of hours while it thaws back out.

6) Recycle your cans. The resort now has special bins in the back of the resort next to the maintenance building. The new bins have a pink rim and are for aluminum. So make sure to recycle your soda and beer cans!

Hopefully these few little tips will help. We here at Venture Out Vacations look forward to seeing you all very soon!


Easter Egg Hunt for a $50.00 Schooners Gift Card

Posted by in events,News | April 2, 2015
Would you like to win a $50.00 Schooners gift card? Venture Out Vacations is having a contest on our Facebook page and our website. To enter you need to:
1) like our facebook page:
2) Share a facebook post.
3) go to our website and “hunt” Easter Eggs.
4) Message us either on our blog or on facebook, how many eggs you find and where you find them on the website:
There are several Easter Eggs hidden and they are all over the place, so happy hunting!
First one to complete the task and with the correct answer Wins!

Casino Trips for Winter Guest

Posted by in events,News | January 7, 2015

The great people over at Coastal Coaches have put together some Casino Trips for Winter Guest. Check them out and see if one will work for you. The coaches are nice and clean and comfy. The owners live here in Venture Out and are fun, good folks!

Many of our Winter guest have taken a trip with them over the years. You can’t beat the deals that they have put together! coastalcoachesBDcoastalcoachesBOcoastalcoaches1

“Where is a good place to eat?”

Posted by in events,News | November 19, 2014

“Where is a good place to eat here?” This is a question the ladies in the main Venture Out office get all the time. So I asked them and compiled a list of their favorites as well as mine and Marks.  Do you have a favorite? List in the comments.


1) Hunt’s
2) Salt Water Grill
3) Bayou on the Beach
4) Bayou Joe’s
5) Schooners
Honorable Mention:
Big Momma’s on the Bayou
(breakfast/lunch only)


1) Dee’s Hangout
2) Saltwater Grill
3) Buster’s Kahuna Café
4) Patches
5) Bayou on the Beach
Honorable mention:
Funland for the burgers.


1) Dat Cajun Place
2) Bonefish Grill (beach location)
3) Patches Pub
4) Wicked Wheel
5) Spinnaker
HM: Schooners


1) Bayou on the Beach
2) FINN’s
3) Uncle Ernie’s
4) Wicked Wheel
5) Fatty Patty’s breakfast/lunch only
HM: Andy’s Flour Power breakfast/lunch only

1) Uncle Ernie’s
2) Bayou on the Beach
3) Dat Cajun Place
4) FINN’s
5) Patches
HM: Schooners

Each listed restaurant is linked to their website. Click on the name of the restaurant and it will take  you to their website or facebook page.

Contest Winner Announcement

Posted by in events,News | July 2, 2014

We have a winner in our trivia contest. Sarah Riddick was the first to complete all task and answer all of the questions correctly. She commented on a post, shared a post and sent all of the answers in a message on our facebook page.


Here are the Answers to all of the questions:

1) What year did Venture Out have it’s Grand Opening? 1970

2) Name one other city that has a Venture Out Resort. Mesa, Az or Cudjoe Key, FL

3) How Many Lots are in Venture Out? 735 or 739 is also acceptable answer (735 occupiable lots 739 total that includes the common areas and bath houses)

4) How many Bathhouses are there here?  4

5) What Street is RV Lot 706 located on? Seagull Dr

6) 2 part question: a) How many feet of Beachfront do we have? b) How many feet of Lagoon front do we have? a) 300, b) 1000

7) What year did Venture Out Add on to the resort? (the part from Grouper over) 1977

8) Why are the buildings octagon shaped? Better wind resistance (hurricane protection)

9) What are the names of the 2 condo’s that are on either side of our beach?  Moonspinner and Seaside VIlla’s

10) What does it mean when there is a purple flag flying at the beach? Dangerous Marine Life

Congratulations to Sarah! When we get to 2000 Friends/fans on Facebook we will have another contest. Keep on the lookout you never know if we may have another “Easter egg hunt”  on the website. Enter your email address on the right and hit subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on any news or contest information.

Thanks for playing!

Venture Out Vacations in Panama City Beach, Florida.