July 4th Activities 2018

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July 4th Activities 2018

Posted by in events,News | June 25, 2018

What is Happening at Venture Out?

Posted by in events,News | June 15, 2017

So much is happening this summer! Tomorrow Friday June 16th Temperley’s will be here with their famous fish and chips (and more), July 4th we will have 2 food trucks here (more info to come). Other food trucks coming soon.. Every Wednesday and Thursday from noon until 2 the Kona Ice truck will be here. (weather permitting). Movie Monday……have you made your reservation yet?

Fun at Venture Out

Posted by in events,News | June 1, 2017

Memorial Day weekend was another great success here in Venture Out. The resort had a food truck here at the front pool on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The BBQ truck was a huge hit on Saturday and Sunday and Wrap it Up had a great selection and did well on Monday. Don’t be surprised if they are not here a few other weekends this Summer. They may even show up on Movie Monday.

Michelle and Roni were set up outside of the office with our pop up tent giving out water and Buff’s (like the ones that they wear on Survivor). They were also taking pictures with our Instagram fame. It was a lot of fun! If you got one of the buffs make sure to go to our facebook page and post a picture wearing it, the picture with the most “likes” will win $40.00 is Patches Bucks. There was a contest this weekend also, we had 2 winners for patches bucks.

Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to keep up with all the happenings this summer. You never know when there will be a contest or specials, I will also let you know about upcoming events in Venture Out and Panama City Beach.


Hope to see you all soon.

Happy Memorial Day

Posted by in events,News | May 26, 2017

Hi everyone, As you are all preparing to cook out and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend, let’s not forget the reason for the Holiday. We would like to salute all of the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

The Summer season is about to get started & we are so excited to see you all! This summer is going to be great we just know it!

Starting on Monday, June 5th and for every Monday through the end of July Venture Out is having a “Movie Monday” it will be on the back lawn/picnic area. BYO snacks and refreshments. We are working on getting sponsors to provide refreshments but for now it’s bring your own. I will post the movie list as soon as we get it worked out. Suggestions welcome. (G or PG only please)

This upcoming weekend (Memorial Day weekend) Venture Out will have a couple of food trucks here for Lunch. On Saturday Smokin’ Butts BBQ will be here, they are a great local BBQ joint! On Monday Wrap It Up will be here for a little lighter lunch for those of you hitting the road home. Make sure to stop by and support these local co’s and enjoy some of their great food! It will be nice to let the experts make the food for you this year. If it goes over well this could be an on going thing, so please support them.

We (Venture Out Vacations) will have a spot outside of our office set up to say hello as you check in this weekend. Make sure to stop and see Michelle and grab a bottle of water, get a free gift, and take a selfie with our Instagram frame! Tag us in your Facebook and Instagram post for a chance to win a prize!

Mark, Terry, Michelle and I (Rika) are looking forward to a very busy and fun summer! If you have not made your reservations yet, what are you waiting for?

July 4th Activities

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4th of July Activities 2016captjuly4th

June and July Availability

Posted by in events,News | June 9, 2016

Summer is here and so is the heat! Come down and join us on the beach. Venture Out Vacations is pretty booked up from now until July 23rd, that being said we do have a few “holes” in the schedule, below is a list of what we have left up to the 23rd of July. To see more info and pictures go to “For Rent”, scroll past the calendar and click on the numbers listed. To book or with questions please call me or Mark at 850-230-0676. Venture Out is a resort across the street from our own dedicated beach with private access, 2 pools, mini golf, shuffleboard, playground, picnic area, fishing pier on the lagoon/bay and more.
Availability from now until July 23rd

74 1 bedroom June 16 & 17 (2nights)
163 3 bedroom June 16 & 17
187 3 bedroom June 16 & 17
232 2 bedroom June 16 & 17

388 3 bedroom, 15 & 16 and 21 & 22 ( 2 nights each)

282 2 bedroom June 15, 16 & 17 (3 nights)
183 2 bedroom June 15, 16, 17

337 2 bedroom June 19 & 20
411 2 bedroom June 19-23 (4 nights)

542 2 bedroom June 20-23 ( 3 nights)
572 2 bedroom June 22 & 23
618 2 bedroom June 22-25 ( 3 nights)
8 3bedroom June 30 & July 1 (2 nights)

210 2 bedroom June 27, 28 & 29
377 1 bedroom June 29 & 30
644 1 bedroom w/bunk room June 26 & 27

352 2 bedroom July 5 & 6
388 3 bedroom July 8 & 9
578 2 bedroom July 7 & 8
705 2 bedroom July 7 & 8
56 2 bedroom July 17-21 (4 nights)
210 2 bedroom July 17-21
359 3 bedroom July18-21 (3 nights)
400 2 bedroom July 17-20 (3 nights)
412 3 bedroom July 16 & 17
610 3 bedroom July 17-21
711 1 bedroom July 19 & 20

Golf Cart Rules at Venture Out

Posted by in events,News | March 18, 2016

Spring Break and Summer are fast approaching and we want to make sure you are aware of the golf cart rules at the resort.

If your unit has a golf cart included, Venture Out requires a credit card number to be kept on file. Your credit will only be charged if fines are incurred while using the golf cart or any damaged occur during your stay.

1. Only unit owners may have a golf cart. Guests may use the owner’s golf cart when provided, but are not allowed to bring golf carts on to Venture Out property.

2. All Golf Cart Operators must be 16 or older and have a valid state driver’s license.
EXCEPTION: Anyone with a valid learners permit may operate a golf cart as long as a licensed driver over the age of 21, with a valid drivers license, is in the cart with them. (Violation is $100 for Underage Driver)

3. All Golf Carts including rented carts must be registered with Venture Out office and display a current, temporary or permanent registration decal/pass. (Violation is $25.00 fine) If you loan your golf cart to another unit, it must have a hanging
pass displayed for the unit it is being loaned to. (After one warning the Violation is $25.00)

4. Venture Out requires headlights to be ON while operating golf carts after dark. No flashlights allowed. (Violation is $50.00 for no lights.) All golf cart must be equipped with head lights.

5. All passengers in a cart must be seated at all times, with the number of riders not exceeding the number of passenger seats.
6. Reckless operation and disregard for Venture Out rules will result in fines (up to $50.00 per incident) as allowed by the Association documents, and/or loss of driving privileges. Venture Out Security and Venture Out Rental Agents reserve the right revoke golf cart privileges at any time.

7. Do not park golf carts in the vehicle overflow parking areas. Use only designated golf cart parking areas. (Violation is a $25.00 fine)

8.The person responsible for renting this golf cart  assumes complete liability for any bodily injury or property damage caused by golf cart.
9. The person responsible for renting this golf cart  is responsible for loss or any damage to golf cart and its accessories.
10. Rules of the road apply when golf carts are being driven in Venture Out. The golf cart shall never exit Venture Out with the exception of designated beach parking. The person on the resevation will be responsible for all fees required to recover the golf cart.
11. Golf carts are to be properly secured to avoid theft, damage or unauthorized use. Golf carts must be parked at your rental property every night.
12. Golf Carts ARE NOT TO BE TOWED. Towing will result in MAJOR DAMAGE.
If you receive a fine during your stay, Venture Out will charge your credit card on file. If you disagree with the fine you should:
1. Submit a written statement to Venture Out of why you protest the fine. 2. A request is made to appear in person before a committee to contest the fine.


1. $100.00 for underage driving of the Golf Cart (driver must be 16 years or older with a valid State Driver’s license or hold a learner’s permit and be accompanied by 21 year old licensed driver.

2. $50.00 for driving after dark without proper lights

3. $50.00 for reckless driving (speeding, running STOP signs, etc.)

4. $25.00 for parking golf cart in overflow parking for cars.

5. Damage (determined amount)


Venture Out Vacations Newsletter January 2016

Posted by in events,News | January 12, 2016

Venture Out Vacations in Panama City Beach, Florida.