Winter Availability

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Winter  Availability


Below is a list of what I know is available for now, check back in March to see an updated list.


Must book a minimum of 2 months not including March. For February only rentals call us in November to see what is available. 850-230-0676 March only rentals no longer available.

Click on the numbers below to see more information about each property.

Call to book, monthly rates and reservations are not available to book online.

15 Dolphin Dr.  3 bedroom Must book 3 months, March not available for a monthly rate.

32 Gulf Loop 3 bedroom Not available for March

92 Gulf Loop 3 bedroom March not available

108 Gulf Loop 2 bedroom March not available

153 Gulf Dr  2 bedroom Up to March 15th

213 Squid Ln 1.5 bedroom Up to March 15th.

274 Seahorse Ln 3 bedroom Not available for March

328 Lagoon Lane 2 bedroom until March 15th

352 Amberjack Dr 2 bedroom

359 Amberjack Dr 3 bedroom

510 Venture Blvd 2 bedroom

600 Sea Otter 3 bedroom Until March 15

611 Seabreeze Dr  3 bedroom Until March 15

644 Octopus Ln 1 bedroom

645 Octopus Ln 2 bedroom

646 Octopus Ln 2 bedroom

711 Sailfish Dr 1 bedroom

722 Shark Dr 3 bedroom Not available for March