Winter Guests

We value our Winter Guests and wish to express our appreciation for your business. Our rental policies and practices enhance our ability to offer quality accommodations and hospitality services.


For a List of available properties for the upcoming Winter Season click here.

Winter Guest Policies

Properties available for one or two months will be open for bookings starting November 1. CLick here for a list of properties that are available for the upcoming Winter Months. We are no longer renting March as the only month at a monthly rate.

Properties include a $75.00 electric allowance. There will be a cleaning/sanitizing fee added to the first month of your stay. When you check out at the end of your stay we just ask that you clean and put away any dishes and take out all trash, other than that we will have a crew come in and clean. If you would like cleaning services during your stay, please contact our office and we will put you in touch with one of our housekeepers.

There is a $250.00 deposit required when you make your reservation. That deposit is applied to your  rent. The balance will be due 30 days before arrival.  We accept Cash, Money orders or cashiers checks in US Funds. If paying with cash, please make arrangements prior to arrival.

Cancellations, Substitutions & Refunds

Once you have agreed to rent a property and paid your deposit, you are binding yourself to that property for that time. Should an emergency arrive and you have to leave before your scheduled time, there will be no refund and you are still responsible for all months that you committed to. Venture Out Vacations will try to re-rent the property and if we are successful you will be refunded for those months.Venture Out Vacations reserves the right to cancel a confirmed reservation at any time prior to the Guest’s taking occupancy of the property. In the event this should occur, Venture Out Vacations will refund all monies on account.

Cancellations 90 or More Days Before The Date of Arrival:
The deposit will be refunded minus a $100.00 cancellation fee if you cancel at least ninety (90) days prior to your arrival.

Cancellations Fewer Than 90 Days Before The Date of Arrival:
If you cancel less than 90 days prior to your scheduled arrival there will be NO REFUND of any monies. If cancellation is less than 60 days you are still responsible for half of all rents, if less than 30 days you are responsible for all rents due. If we are able to re-rent the property then you will be refunded any rents minus the original deposit.

All cancellations must be made via eMail or in writing.

If the property you have booked is removed from the rental program or if extraordinary circumstances render the property uninhabitable, Venture Out Vacations reserves the right to substitute a comparable property. If
comparable accommodations are not available, then Guests may choose from available properties at the published rates or request a refund.


Check-in time is 3pm on the first day of your reservation, early check in may be able. Call our office to check, 850-230-0676. The Venture Out Office or the Guard (after hours) will have your name, unit number and check in/out date. Your unit will be OPEN and CLEAN upon your arrival.

Check-Out Instructions:

  • Check-out time is 10am on the final day of your reservation.
  • Please leave the unit’s door UNLOCKED with the KEY inside on the kitchen table UPON YOUR DEPARTURE.
  • Please clean all dirty dishes, pots, pans, silverware, etc. prior to your departure and put them back in place.
  • If your unit has a dishwasher put all CLEANED items back where they belong. Do not leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Grilling (when provided) is permitted on concrete surfaces. Please be sure you clean the grill and/or dump the ashes before you leave so the next guest finds it ready for use.
  • Do not make the bed(s).
  • Remove all trash from your unit and take to the dumpster in the back of the resort by the maintenance building.
  • All furniture, fixtures, and personal property should be returned to its original position.
  • Special arrangements must be made in advance if you need a later checkout time, otherwise you will be charged for another night’s rental.

Parking Regulations

Click here for Venture Out Resorts Policies. Venture Out Resort has registration fees, if you pre-register  online the fee is $50 and includes the first vehicle, if you do not pre register the fee is $60.00. If you have a 2nd vehicle it is an additional $75.00.  There is a two car limit, third cars are not allowed. This is the policy of the resort, as space is limited and they want to ensure that the park has plenty of space for everyone.  If you have a guest come to stay for a couple of nights the fee is $25 per night up to 3 nights, after that it goes to the $75 2nd car fee.

Motorcycles are $20.00 each, after the initial $50.00/$60 registration fee.

Water Craft: If you bring a boat or personal watercraft (waverunner) There are nightly fees, please refer to the Resort’s Policies for additional information or call our office with any questions. For the Resorts Watercraft Policy click here.

The resort Registration Fees are determined by a Board of Directors and are subject to change at their discretion.


Your unit will be open and clean upon arrival. Upon departure leave the keys in the unit and the door
unlocked. Our cleaners will be in immediately to clean the unit. There will be a $25.00 charge per key
that is not left in the unit. This will be billed to the credit card on file for your reservation.

Golf Carts

Carts may not be brought onto the Venture Out Resort property. Only golf carts that are included with a rental unit may be used within the property. Leaving the property is strictly prohibited. In order to operate a golf cart YOU MUST HAVE a valid drivers license and be at least 16 years of age. Golf carts are provided as a convenience for a commute on the property only. Continuous cruising and/or abuse of a cart is prohibited. Non compliance of the golf carts rules will result in the forfeit of the cart. For a complete list of the golf cart rules click here.


You will need to bring your own bed sheets and towels. Blankets and bedspreads are provided.

Good Housekeeping

Refrigerator: Please do not overload the refrigerator with can drinks. Please do not reset the refrigerator setting to a low setting for a “quick cool” for can drinks. This can cause problems with the refrigerator and restricts the refrigerator from cooling properly. If a service repairman is required, then the charges will be deducted from the guest’s security deposit. DO NOT PLACE ANY BAIT, UNWRAPPED FISH OR LOBSTER IN THE REFRIGERATOR. BAIT IS TO BE KEPT IN OUTSIDE COOLERS.

Washer/Dryer: Please thoroughly shake out the sand from beach towels and swimsuits before washing/drying them in the washing machine. Sand causes problems in washer/dryers and a repairman may be required. The charges will be deducted from the security deposit.

Supplies: A starter supply of trash liners, bathroom paper and paper towels are included with each unit. However, guests will need to provide their own laundry detergent, additional paper products and household supply items for their stay.

Trash Disposal: Please place trash in trash bags and take to the dumpsters located behind the maintience building in the back of the resort.  IN ADDITION, PRIOR TO CHECK-OUT, ALL FOOD, DEBRIS, AND GARBAGE ARE TO BE DISPOSED.

Owner Closets & Storage Areas:
Many homes have locked owner’s closets or cupboards for the owners’ personal items. Also, some storage areas are locked and are not available for guest use. Please respect these areas and do not attempt to open them.  Any tampering will result in a charge against your security deposit.

The unit must be left in good condition. All soiled dishes must be washed in the dishwasher or by hand prior to departure. Venture Out Vacations reserves the right to retain partial or full security deposit for carpet cleaning or additional housekeeping services due to guest’s lack of care or respect for privately owned properties. Please treat the property with care and the neighbors with courtesy.

Please make sure to check behind yourself for any personal items. We will be happy to retrieve your item and ship it to you for the cost of shipping plus $20.00 handling fee.

Hospitality Code

No Pets and No Smoking Policy assures guests who are allergic to smoke and/or pets a GUARANTEE that Venture Out Vacations accommodations are comfortable for all vacationing guests. Failure to adhere to this request violates the hospitality code and will result in the retention of the reservation/security deposit. Service Animals are allowed, there is a non refundable deposit of $150.00.

Severe Weather

We do not refund rents due to shortened stays because of weather.


Our units are NON SMOKING. In order to maintain a smoke free environment a fee of $250 will be charged to renters that smoke in units.

Swimming Pool and Beach

During your stay, please familiarize yourself with The Venture Out rules, policies and practices concerning the beach, swimming pools and recreational facilities and resort amenities. Safety: It is the guest’s responsibility to learn about safety precautions, warning signs of water conditions, and safety procedures concerning swimming in the ocean and pools. A new city-wide ordinance has been implemented, it is called the “Leave no Trace”  ordinance. Basically it states that all personal items carried to the beach must be removed every evening.  Any items left behind on the beach after 7:00pm may be removed and disposed of (this is a city law).


Property owners, operation managers, and Venture Out Vacations, will not be held responsible for acts of theft, vandalism, or other damages to guests’ personal property or items left at the vacation property. If an item has been accidentally left at the property, please contact Venture Out Vacations. We will be happy to mail it to your home. Shipping cost will be billed to credit cards on file. Guests acknowledge that Venture Out Vacations serves as the agent of the property owner.


Click here to get in touch, or call us at 850-230-0676